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Order Information

bear image.jpg Confidentiality:
Any information submitted to Mama & Papa Bear's Creations is kept strictly confidential. No information will be shared with or sold to anyone for any reason. Please do not send credit card information as we are not set up to receive credit card payments at this time.

Shipping and Handling:
We will be shipping your order to you via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Shipping and Handling (S&H) charges are figured per order delivered according to current USPS rates. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery as each item is handcrafted by order.

Order Confirmation:
As soon as we receive your order, we will confirm with you by e-mail or by phone if an e-mail address is unavailable. We will contact you with an Order Confirmation when your order is ready to be shipped. Your Total Purchase Price, which includes S&H, will be ready for your approval at this time. Information for sending payment will also be included. If you need to contact us prior to your Order Confirmation, e-mail us at

Purchases are made payable by Money Order Only. Your order will be shipped after payment is received.

Placing Your Order:
To place your order, simply e-mail us with the items you are interested in, including size, style, quantity, and any customized details, by clicking here: Or, paste this address in the "To:" of your e-mail. Custom Orders - Simply send a note with the details of what you are looking for. We will reply when your order is received.

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The table below is for your convenience in calculating the Purchase Price (less S&H) of your order.
Prickly Heart Small $5.00  
  Medium $15.00  
Prickly Heart w/Arrow Small $10.00  
  Medium $20.00  
Rustic Wreath Small $5.00  
  Medium $10.00  
  Large $15.00  
  3 foot $35.00  
Naked & Nude Wreath Small $5.00  
  Embellished $10.00  
  Medium $10.00  
  Embellished $25.00  
  Large $15.00  
  Embellished $35.00  
  X-Large $25.00  
  Embellished $55.00  
  3 foot $65.00  
Tornado Basket   $20.00  
  Embellished $45.00  
Tornado Basket With Handle 6"w x 13"h x 5"d $15.00  
  8"w x 15"h x 7"d $20.00  
Pocket Basket   $30.00  
Nest Basket 3 1/2" $5.00  
  5 1/2" $10.00  
  7 1/2" $15.00  
  9" - 11" $20.00  
Nest Basket With Handle 3 1/2" $10.00  
  5 1/2" $15.00  
  7 1/2" $20.00  
  9" - 11" $25.00  
Oversized Nest Basket Lg. w/handle $50.00  
Lettering 14" - 16" $30.00  
  16" - 18" $35.00  
  18" - 22" $45.00  
Braided Garland Braid (3) - Natural $1.50/ft.  
  Braid (3) - Stripped $3.00/ft.  
Snowman Small $15.00  
  Medium $25.00  
  Large $35.00  
Angel Small $15.00  
  Medium $25.00  
  Large $35.00  
Cornucopia   $50.00  
Cross Basket Vase Style $60.00  
Cross Basket Simple Basket Style $65.00  
      Specify Bird Type      
Birdboxes - Barnwood Small $20.00
  Medium $25.00
  Large $30.00
Birdboxes - Plywood Small $15.00
  Medium $20.00
  Large $25.00
  X-Large E-mail Us E-mail Us E-mail Us


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