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Wild Grapevine Designs

Snow or No Snow - These little guys will bring cheer through the Winter season and brighten the Holidays! Each Snowman is quite unique with its own personality. Handcrafted using two Wild Grapevine Wreaths fastened together to create the "snowman" shape, and individually adorned wearing a ribbon scarf with bells and topped with a felt hat accented with pine cones and colorful berries. Display just one, or create a whole family! They also make great gifts!

snowman.jpg If you like things big, this Large Snowman wall-hanging will fill an empty space! Display outdoors to greet your friends, family and neighbors, or hang indoors to share in the warmth of the season.

snowman1.jpg A bit more modest, this Mid-sized Snowman would be suited for any space. A charming piece to add to your Holiday decorations.

snowman2.jpg This Small Snowman works well as a petite wall-hanging or a generous tree ornament. Perfect for the kids!

angel.jpg angel1.jpg During the Holidays and all year through, an Angel will grace your home! A single length of Wild Grapevine sprout forms the wreath/circle which is twisted upon itself, at just the right point, to create both the body and the wings of this figure. Fastened together with natural twine they become an Angel. A Grapevine Wreath halo wrapped in gold thread is secured to the head, and the wings are dressed in gold, silver or white ribbon. A touch of red berries finishes off this piece. Individually handcrafted - no two are alike.
angel2.jpg These Angel ornaments make sweet gifts for the "Little Angel" in your life!

fruitcornucopia.jpg cornucopia.jpg The bounty of Fall! From September through November, create an ever changing Horn-of-Plenty with the fruits of the harvest season. This Cornucopia is handcrafted - bending and drying Wild Grapevine ribs into a curved shape and weaving many lengths of vine sprouts upon themselves to hold fast. The mouth is accented with a stripped Grapevine Wreath.

cornucopia2.jpg cornucopia1.jpg Traditionally a symbol of Thanksgiving, a Cornucopia also makes a beautiful centerpiece all through the Fall - filled with artificial or natural fruit, gourds, little pumpkins, leaves, nuts, etc. Try something a little different - embellish with moss, spider webs, corn, crows, bats, etc. - and you have a unique Halloween decoration!

Cross Basket
cross front.jpg cross arrangement.jpg This "Old Rugged Cross" is a custom design inspired by a customer who envisioned a Spring Dogwood arrangement for Easter. The Cross Basket is handcrafted with a solid wood base covered by a wild grapevine sprout weave skirt. The vertical ribs are secured into the base and woven with many lengths of vine sprouts wrapped upon themselves to hold fast. The horizontal ribs of the arms run through the vertical part of the structure for stability and security, and bear the same type of weave. The ends of the arms are capped with a flat spiral weave and fastened to hold in place. The Cross is then topped with a braided grapevine weave.
Photo Provided By: G.C., Mississippi

cross right.jpg cross left.jpg A Cross Basket is a beautiful symbol of faith at Easter and all year through. We offer the open-top Vase Style for decorative live and artificial arrangements you can change seasonally, and the capped-top, stand alone, Simple Basket Style to place on your table, mantle or shelf in remembrance.

The beauty and essence of the wild grapevine is easily made a part of daily living. They are an everlasting, natural home accent and make great gifts year 'round. We are happy to be able to make these natural works of art available to you.


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Description   Snowman     Angel
  Size* Price   Size* Price
Small 8" - 10" $15 Small 8" - 10" $15
Medium 14" - 16" $25 Medium 14" - 16" $25
Large 18" - 22" $35 Large 18" - 22" $35
*Sizes are approximate. May also be customized.
Description Size* Price
Cornucopia 22" - 24" $50
Cross Basket 15" x 13"  
  Vase Style $60
  Simple Basket Style $65
*Will custom create order to size. Please contact us by e-mail with dimensions, and we will provide a price quote.
Custom Wild Grapevine Designs are Welcome! You have an idea - we can help you make it happen. Just contact us by e-mail with details of what you're looking for.

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