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There's nothing like feeling at home in the woods. From atop a hillside in the Wisconsin River Valley, we'd like to share with you a world unto itself full of wildlife and history.

Bald eagles and turkey vultures soar above the sandstone bluffs. Hawks watch over the fields where deer and wild turkey graze. Song birds sing the day away, and butterflies and bees flit and play. Evening brings the serenade of owls, frogs and coyote song. From season to season, the scene changes - each as beautiful with wonder as the other.

About 80-100 years ago there was a farm in the valley at the foot of our hillside which was an oak savanna at that time, used for grazing cattle. With time, all things change - the farm is gone now, the barn, in disrepair, was recently torn down, and the old barbed wire fence, now running through trees which have grown up around it, is no longer used to mark the boundaries.

The woods have become overgrown and imbalanced. Left unattended, wild grapevines have spread throughout the canopy, severely damaging mature trees and limiting sunlight to the understory where very few saplings get a chance to mature choked out by the underbrush. With a little clean-up and forest management, these woods are being restored to a healthy, productive state benefiting all the plants and animals of this environment.

The spirit of preserving Wisconsin's natural habitats and wonders can be appreciated and enjoyed all over the state. Being a part of Wisconsin's Driftless Area, we're surrounded by state parks and natural attractions - Devil's Lake, Natural Bridge, Ferry Bluff, Tower Hill, and the Merrimac Ferry just to name a few.

Check out these sites for more information on Wisconsin State Parks, Forests and Trails, Nature Preserves and attractions in our area:
bear image.jpg One can't help but to be inspired by the awe of nature in every season and the ever changing environment. Mama & Papa Bear's Creations has been so inspired to give new life to the natural materials we clean-up and gather in the woods and to the old fence line and recycled barnwood by creating fun, playful and practical handcrafted items. We've been sharing these gifts with friends and family, as well as using them ourselves, and now we'd like to share them with you!

Each item is original, one-of-a-kind, and unique with a life and a story of its own.

We hope you enjoy these gifts from nature.

Mama & Papa Bear's Creations plans to continue offering new items as we develop ideas inspired by feeling at home in the woods, so visit us often and contact us about any items of interest.

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Handcrafted in the USA

"Prickly Hearts"
prickly heart.jpg These rustic hearts are crafted by hand-turning naturally weathered barbed wire from the fence line of the old farm in the valley. (Tetanus shot not included!)

Prickly Hearts look great indoors and out - add cards, pictures, or flowers, hang chimes or ribbons, or string lights. Use as a centerpiece with candles and natural embellishments or dishes filled with goodies. A unique gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a wedding, anniversary, or just to say "I love you".

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Description Size* Price
Small Heart 8" - 10" $5
Small Heart with Arrow 8" - 10" $10
Medium Heart 14" - 16" $15
Medium Heart with Arrow 14" - 16" $20
*Sizes are approximate.
Please enjoy browsing through the rest of this site; then, when you are ready to place your order, click on "Order" for information.

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