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Wild Grapevine Designs

Wild grapevine sticks form the ribs around which many lengths of vine sprouts are woven fast upon themselves, creating these one-of-a-kind designs.

pocket basket.jpg pocket basket side.jpg Pocket Baskets
It looks like a basket with a handle, but that's only half the story! Made by weaving vine sprouts to create a half basket on a wreath frame, Pocket Baskets will hang up flat against a wall, post or door. Natural Rustic Style (bark-on).

nestbaskets.jpg bottom view nest baskets.jpg Nest Baskets are so named for a real bird nest we found in a massive tangle of grapevines. The delicate structure, supported by living vines, was made from strips of grapevine bark and lined with rabbit fur. Nest Baskets rest slightly askew, adding a great deal of character to your outdoor garden, your dinner table, or holiday. Available in both the Natural Rustic Style (bark-on) and the Naked and Nude Style (stripped).

front view nest baskets.jpg oversized nest basket.jpg If you like handles, we've got handles! Available on all sizes.
You may enjoy this Over-sized Nest Basket with a tall, curved handle partially wrapped in twine for comfort. Very sturdy and strength tested - for practical use in the garden and yard, or even inside for kid's toys or magazines and books, etc. Available in the Natural Rustic Style (bark-on) only.

handled tornado basket.jpg handled tornado basket top view.jpg The interesting shape of Tornado Baskets with handles. If you're looking for something unconventional, here's the basket for you! Use for Halloween, Easter, a flower girl basket for a wedding, or simply a unique gift item. These baskets are also available with a curved, top to bottom, full length handle, placed along the side of the basket, for more of a pitcher look.

tornado basket planter.jpg tornado basket winter.jpg
Tornado Baskets capture everyone's attention! Set anywhere or easily hang up. Fun and versatile - change from holiday to holiday and season to season - indoors and out. Natural Rustic Style (bark-on).

grapevine border image.jpg
Inspired Ideas - Each item created saves a tree or two in the woods.

Pocket Baskets - Indoors or out - will support living plants and dried or artificial arrangements, use to hold cards, mail, newspapers or anything you'd like to stick in your pocket.

Nest Baskets - Wall hanging, at the table - lined with a cloth, fruit basket or bread basket, colored egg nest, outdoor planter for your potted plants, herbs or spilling over with flowers.

Tornado Baskets - Centerpiece, cornucopia, hanging planter, wine basket, etc.

Naturally Embellished Designs
We use environmentally friendly practices to hand-pick and gather the beautiful colors and wonderful textures of the plants growing here, and dry them naturally to embellish our Tornado Baskets. Availability of materials is at nature's discretion and varies from season to season, as well as, year to year. But there is always something beautiful to work with!

Each embellished design is unique. Here are a few examples:

As shown above, a Tornado Basket may be fully embellished with Red Cedar greenery, Pine Cones and Rose Hips, or simply embellished with Witch Grass and Rye.

tornado basket fall.jpg Sumac Buds, Broom Corn,
Cury Dock (various colors),
White Campion Seed Pods,
Witch Grass and Berries

Contact us by e-mail about a Custom Embellished Basket. Let's see what we can create for you!

The beauty and essence of the wild grapevine is easily made a part of daily living. They are an everlasting, natural home accent and make great gifts year 'round. We are happy to be able to make these natural works of art available to you.


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Description Size* Price
Pocket Basket 14" - 16" $30
Nest Basket 3 1/2" $5
  5 1/2" $10
  7 1/2" $15
  9" - 11" $20
Nest Basket w/Handle 3 1/2" $10
  5 1/2" $15
  7 1/2" $20
  9" - 11" $25
Over-sized Nest Basket w/Handle 18" - 22" $50
Tornado Basket 11" - 13" $20
Embellished Tornado Basket 11" - 13" $45
Tornado Basket w/Handle 6"w x 13"h x 5"d $15
  8"w x 15"h x 7"d $20
*Sizes are approximate. May also be customized.
Custom Wild Grapevine Designs are Welcome! You have an idea - we can help you make it happen. Just contact us by e-mail with details of what you're looking for.

Please enjoy browsing through the rest of this site; then, when you are ready to place your order, click on "Order" for information.

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