There are three ways to view High Definition television.

  1. Use one of our DCT 6416 converters to view and record High Definition television through our cable connection. Pretty much plug and play and we set it up for you.
  1. You can set up your own “off air” antenna and tune the off air channels (just like the old days). You and Radio Shack can take care of this set up.
  1. You can use our cable in conjuncture with the Quam (ATSC) tuner in your television set to tune the local Madison High Definition channels. We do not support picture quality using a Quam Tuner as quality can vary from model to model. We do not support setting up your television set to use the Quam tuner as set up can vary from model to model. You will need to contact the manufacturer of your television set for instructions. (You may need to check your owner’s manual to ensure your television is even equipped with a Quam tuner.) It is up to you and the manufacturer of your television set to figure out.

When set up according to your user’s manual and using our cable, you should be able to tune the following channels using your Quam tuner:

  1. 47-1 WMSN DT Fox Madison channel 47
  2. 98-1 WISC CBS Madison channel 3
  3. 98-2 My Madison TV-14
  4. 98-13 WMTV NBC Madison channel 15
  5. 98-14 Madison True View 24 hour weather
  6. 99-3 PBS HD
  7. 99-4 PBS EI
  8. 99-5 PBS Create
  9. 99-23 WKOW ABC Madison channel 27