Dial-up Local Numbers


It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the access telephone number you choose to connect to Merr.com is a local number.

Merr.com provides connections to our modem pools, in all of our locations, to all of our customers. However, please be aware that there may be per call or time usage charges from your local telephone company for using their lines to access Merr.com's modem pools. Please check with your local phone company before you connect to Merr.com to find out if there will be a charge by them for time or calls made by you to our listed numbers or Merr.com's modems. These charges are from your local telephone company to you, for their service, and Merr.com assumes no responsiblity for these charges. Merr.com will give no payments, reimbursement, or credits for any telephone charges you incur for dialing modems. If you have any questions about your local call service area, check with your local telephone company before logging on.

All dial-up local numbers are listed below:

  • Adams, WI: 608-339-3577
  • Baraboo, WI: 608-448-0111
  • Beloit, WI: 608-299-4111
  • Briggsville, WI: 608-981-2000
  • Dodgeville, WI: 608-407-0111
  • Evansville, WI: 608-882-7111
  • Janesville, WI: 608-741-1042
  • Madison, WI: 608-661-9960
  • Mauston, WI: 608-847-5317
  • Mazomanie, WI: 608-401-0111
  • Merrimac, WI: 608-493-9460
  • Montello, WI: 608-297-0111
  • New Glarus, WI: 608-636-1111
  • Portage, WI: 608-566-2111
  • Reedsburg, WI: 608-524-2516
  • Richland Center, WI: 608-647-5497
  • Sauk City, WI: 608-370-7111
  • Spring Green, WI: 608-588-2469
  • Tomah, WI: 608-315-1111
  • Westfield, WI: 608-296-0111
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI: 608-254-0111